MCC Front and Rear Bars

Bull Bars

MCC manufactures several type of bars from the premium “Phoenix Bar”, to the more functional “Falcon Bar”, as well as the tough Australian designed “Rocker Bar”. Their engineering team has brought you new features aimed at making remote area travel safer, stronger and more appealing to suit your life style.



  • Premium Phoenix bar designed with LED fog lights / daytime
    running lights. Standard model comes with Halogen fog lights.
  • ADR approved for airbag and winch compatible
  • Premium model designed with airflow grill for better ventilation
  • Upgraded with heavy duty 62 mm diameter upper loop tube for the ultimate protection
  • Unique and smooth design for a modern look
  • LED parker / indicator lights
  • Four aerial mounts and driving lights mounts
  • Larger over rider protection
  • Dual hi-lift jacking points
  • High quality materials, 3 mm thick steel plates
  • Standard bars finished in black powder coat.



  • Airbag and winch compatible bracket
  • Stainless steel grade 304 / Triple loops design
  • Dual aerial mounts
  • Dual hi-lift jacking points
  • Driving lights mounts
  • Parker and indicator lights
  • Over rider protection
  • Fog lights 125 mm. / HB4 OEM high quality standard
  • High quality materials
  • Under protection plate (OPTIONAL)


MCC Rocker Bar 078-02


  • Tough Australian design
  • Airbag and winch compatible bracket
  • Single loop option also available ( sand black or stainless steel option)
  • Fog lights 110 mm. / BH4 OEM high quality standard
  • Modern LED round park / flasher lamps
  • Tow points
  • Dual driving lights mount
  • Dual aerial mounts
  • Hi-Lift jacking points
  • Sand black powder coat finished

    Rear Bars

    Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 9.00.43 AM



    MCC jack bar

    MCC JACK REAR BAR : 022-03 OPTION : Non-slip aluminium step plate Reverse lamps Park & flasher lamps


    • Tough Australian design

    • Rear step with ADR rated tow bar

    • Two LED number plate lights

    • Two recovery points

    • Hi-lift jacking points

    • Reverse and flasher lamps

    • Available in high quality sand black powder coated finish * Note : Bow shackles are sold separately